It’s always possible to budget in the cost of proper insurance
yet it is nearly impossible to factor in the cost of an uncovered claim.

At Ten Insurance, we identify, evaluate and solve your risk management insurance problems.

Ten Insurance Services has developed a comprehensive approach that focuses as much on risk management as on insurance.
We believe in the all important first step:

Completely Understanding Every Facet Of Your Business.

We take the time to meet with you, understand your operation and unique risks, and then develop and implement solutions while performing a detailed review of existing policies. Our sales and risk management team is comprised of seasoned experts with a combined long-term history in management, evaluation and solutions-driven philosophy.

Our full approach sets us apart, allowing us to evaluate risk, provide custom advice, and recommend appropriate and efficient ways to protect your company’s interests and assets.

We keep you informed of issues which will likely impact the cost,
structure and tenor of your insurance program
while addressing your risk management needs.

Surety Programs
CAPTIVE Insurance Programs

The Ten Insurance Team offers cost effective solutions to protect your business assets.
Your business deserves professional attention and oversight. Our sales and service team is trained to analyze your needs, identify and evaluate exposures, and make carefully considered recommendations. As an independent agency with relationships with the most reputable insurance companies, Ten Insurance offers each client a choice of insurance provider. Our goal is to assist in minimizing the burden of financial loss through the most cost effective placement of coverage.

  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Business Automobile
  • Workers Compensation
  • Umbrella & Excess Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Wrap Up Administration
  • Risk Management
  • Surety Bonding

We Bring Expert Services to Our Trade Contractors
to Help them Understand What They Need to Know
When they participate in a Wrap Up Project.